Wrong Ext Resale

Hi, please see the below screenshot. The Ext Resale value shows wrong value, could you please check and fix this.

Hello Vaibhav,

Thank you for reaching out to Cetec support regarding this issue you’re having! I’ve got a few questions regarding the Ext Resale value being incorrect on this report:

  1. You highlighted both of those Ext Resale values on the screen shot - are they both incorrect totals? If so what are the correct Ext Resale totals that should be reflected instead of the current totals?

  2. Could you provide the name of the report you’re currently running in your environment or a link to the report so I can start some testing on this to locate potential causes?

There are a few things that drive the Ext Resale cost within Cetec and any detailed information about the report, any cost/price breaks that have been set on the prcpart profiles, and what those totals should be calculating to would be extremely beneficial and speed things up on our end.

Cetec ERP Support