Wrong quantity received - Help!

Greetings. We just rec’d partial 96 units on open PO. I selected “Line 1” to deduct from 184 units on balance and it changed my input from 96 units to default 184 units remaining, which I didnt catch until transaction was submitted. Inventory count has been corrected but PO Line 1 is now showing Closed and I cannot modify the quantity on the “Receipt Code” which also impacts cost accounting. Any recommendations?

Hi Nam,

Here’s what we do when we receive with wrong qty.

Please check under PO Line 1, there should be a link to Receipt: ### on date. click the ### link, and should bring you to PO Receipt ### view.

Under that view, you then select CANCEL RECEIPT from the menu on the left. After canceling the receipt, redo the receiving again.

Hope this help.

Thanks for your help and reply! See attached photo - “CANCEL RECEIPT” is grayed out and not available due to “Bin Qty!=REceipt Qty. Receipt Qty Doesn’t Match FIFO Qty!” As mentioned, I corrected the Bin Qty count to reflect corrrect qty. Does this mean I have to readjust to match the wrong qty received in order to cancel receipt?

Please give it a try (adjusting back to the wrong qty received)

If you were to readjust back to the “incorrect” qty that was received, it should make it so that you’re then able to cancel the receipt, and the re-receive the correct qty.

Give that a shot, and let us know if you have problems with it or any other questions.


I was able to cancel the receiving after adjusting back to the “incorrect” qty and re-received the actual qty. THANKS ALL!