A/P Fractional Cent Balance...again

This issue has arisen again, see post here for reference.

We have multiple amounts listed on our A/P List that we cannot close, see below and here.


Can you please assist with this?


Thanks for reaching out! I am going to look into this and get back to you.


Cetec ERP Support


I am escalating this to my engineering team. I’ll get back to you ASAP with an update.


Cetec ERP Support

Thank you!


Thank you for your patience as we endeavor to resolve this issue for you.

Instructions to eliminate DR Memo fractional cents from remaining as Open Value on DR Memo list:
Users whom are creating AP Payments in CETEC will be able to prevent the Open Value for fractional cents by making sure to update the ‘Apply’ value field to agree with the ‘Still Open’ amount when including a DR Memo on an AP Payment, seen here from AP Pmt 1973 screen:

As to existing fractional balances, we tested in testing environment the following steps to close out the fractional cents on one of the four DR Memo’s showing Open Value on the report you provided, so instructions to correct the ‘Apply’ value will begin with AP Pmt 1973, below…(note that it doesn’t appear that there is a GL Lock date set in your config settings, so these steps should be able to be completed without GL Lock date being an issue…)

  1. Navigate to Open Acct Reconcile 74 (Feb 2021) and click ‘Status’ button ‘Open’
  2. Un-check reconcile box for AP Pmt 1973 and leave the reconcile in ‘Open’ state
  3. In Check 2818 screen, refresh page and ‘Cancel Check’
  4. In AP Pmt 1973 screen, refresh page and Mark as Unpaid
  5. Scroll down to DR Memo section and change the ‘Apply’ value to $433.0725 and tab through, observing that the ‘Apply’ value box then turns green
  6. In upper screen, be sure to change the default payment option from EFT to Non-system check and enter the old check reference # in the reference field, as there is no need to create an actual physical check
  7. Click ‘Update’ and ‘Mark as Paid’
  8. In the Acct Reconcile 74 screen, refresh the page and re-check the reconcile box for AP Pmt 1973, which now will likely appear at the bottom of the checks listing
  9. Check that the Difference is again -0- in the upper screen, and click ‘Status’ Closed.
  10. In the DR Memo list screen, check that DR Memo 53 is now -0- ‘Value Open’
  11. Repeat steps 1-10 to update AP Pmts that include DR Memos 51 & 64, showing in your AP Aging report.

The amount of .0040 in the aging for O___ Nut & Bolt vendor does not indicate it is a DR Memo issue, and in fact currently we are unable to find the source of that amount. This may possibly be one that engineers have to close out in the database, but if you are able to identify the source, please reply again on this Forum ticket to let us know so we can follow up. If we are able to find that source in the meantime, we will get back with you on resolution.


CETEC ERP Customer Support accounting team

@cam mason,

We found the AP Pmt with the fractional cents still open for the .004 amount in your AP List. You can follow the same steps 1-10 sent previously on this ticket, using Acct Reconcile 87, AP Pmt 2289, and Check 3132. Step 5 though will be to change the amount in the Apply Value/Amount to Pay to agree with the Approved amount for the Voucher (rather than DR Memo), seen here:

Let us know if you need further assistance with resolving this last Open fractional cents from the AP List sent in this ticket.


CETEC ERP Customer Support