A/P Fractional Cent Balance


Is there a method to “edit” balances that appear as < $0.01 to = $0.00? Note, these amounts do not appear when paying vouchers in “AP Payment” and therefore cannot be reconciled.


@cam.mason Seems like a rounding issue somewhere along the way.
Let us investigate this, and we’ll get back to you about it as soon as we’re able.

Cetec ERP

Hi @cam.mason
It looks like this was caused by a precision mismatch on some debit memos. Engineering added a fix to prevent this from happening again in the future. We can, with your permission, run a query to correct the ones you highlighted in the ticket. Let us know, and we will fix that for you.


Yes, please go ahead and zero all balances in our A/P Aging Summary that are < $0.01.

(Note, there are more beyond what is highlighted in the screenshot originally attached.)

Many thanks!

Hi @cam.mason
Engineering took care of this so you should be good to go.