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We share customer portal with our customer. The customer wants some document against orders line. We upload that document in specific orders line so that the customer can see that document through their portal. The issue is: when we upload the document in orders line, customer cannot see that document. kindly guide us how can we complete that process.

Rana Muneeb

@rana826 in order for those documents to be visible to your customers through the portal, you’ll need to go into the documents and make sure to add the tag “Portal” to them. Once the documents have been given the portal tag, they should be visible to your customer.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 12.37.40 PM

I add tag “Portal” when i upload document in order line but its not work…

Rana Muneeb

The document in your first screenshot has been uploaded to the Ordline, specifically line 40 of order 3833.1.

Your portal users will only be able to see documents uploaded to the ordhead. If you upload that document to …/order/MN3833.1/documents and make sure it has the portal tag, it should show through the portal.

Then how my portal user see dcomuents in orderline. It is possible that our portal user see documents that we upload in orderline.

Currently that is not possible, no. The only order documents that can be seen through the portal are those uploaded to the ordhead.

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