Dash 1 added to serial numbers - Resolved in 4.061

In the past couple of months, when we perform an RMA and receive back serialized parts that we once shipped, we enter the serial number in the receiving PO but when it shows up in inventory, it is appended with a “-1” to the end of it. See pictures below… This never used to happen unless an identical Serial Number was already in inventory. How do we revert the behavior such that the “-1” isn’t appended?

Hey Regis,

This question is environment specific. The serials function can be configured to perform in many different ways. My first question would be, do you have the “Force_Unique_Serial_Numbers” config on?

I would also be curious if/what you have the “Order_Auto_Generate_Serials” config set to?

Here are the current config settings:

“Force Unique Serial Numbers” is set to “0”

“Order Auto Generate Serials” is set to “0”

any thoughts here? . Not sure why the “-1” is added when we’re not “forcing” unique serial numbers…

Ok. So we did some digging on our end and tried to replicate the scenario in our Beta Dev site. We’re finding out that the results between the 2 sites differ! No changes to Config settings and it seems as if both are running the same version!

For the test, We created a “test” RMA #149 on both Sites (Live and Dev) with the same Serialized product from the same invoice (SN# 22100003 from invoice 5452.1). We then create a “receive PO” and receive the serialized part 22100003 in the same way. ON the live site, the received item in inventory shows up as “22100003-1” but in the Dev site, the part shows up as “22100003”. how is this possible?

if i try and “Change” the serial Number on our Live site, i get an error stating:

" No Update: This serial already exists."

i believe my finding begs the question:

What are the differences between the “live” site and the “beta dev” site?

CETEC - Any chance to confirm these findings?

CETEC - Any chance to confirm these findings?

We can confirm this issue is new as within the same Sales Invoice, on RMA #139 (processed 2/2022) we were able to receive a serialized unit back using the “Actual” serial number but on RMA #155 (processed 7/2022), we can only receive the serialized unit back with a “-1” added to the serial number…
Please help.

I am really sorry about the responses here! The response thread was tagged incorrectly in my inbox.

You can have different config settings for your beta and live sites. The config we believe would cause this is the “Force unique serial numbers” config. Because your side of the VPN is off, this isn’t something I can confirm on my own.

I confirmed that our configuration setting for “Force unique Serial Numbers” is default set to “0” in both our Live and Beta Sites…

My post on June 13th was that even though our Config settings were the same between the beta and the live version, the results in serialization was different!.

I’ve opened up our VPN for support access

It looks like the setting “Unique Serials only within a Prcpart (serials can be shared across different parts)” was changed yesterday, this config setting would also potentially prevent receiving the same serial. Have you tried again since this change was made? I would think having it set to 0 would be the potential fix

yes. I did a test yesterday and whether this was set to 1 or 0, it doesn’t Change the fact that receiving parts in an RMA, we cannot use the exact SN# of the unit that was shipped out. It works in the Dev site, but not in the live site…(again, 6/13 post)…

So I created another “Test” RMA (#156) and performed a Receipt of the RMA’d part …

In the Beta site highlighted in Green, (with the exact same serial configurations), I’m able to receive the Part in with the “actual” serial number “22090025” it was sold as…

in the Production Site highlighted in Red, I’m not able to receive the part in without CETEC adding a “dash 1” to the serial number. In this case, i’ve tried a few times, so that is why it has a couple of dash 1’s…

I got with our engineering team again, and as it turns out, beta is running on the updated version of the code. We are currently finishing testing and the release will be within 1-2 weeks.

This update contains the changes that add the functionality to be able to re-receive the same SN for a part on the RMA.

Thank you for your continued information in getting this resolved! Let me know if you have any more questions I can address.

Awesome! Thank you for confirming my suspicions…Glad to know that it’s been identified and addressed…

FYI, prior to ~ Mar/Apr 2022, we did not see this specific problem of dash 1 being added to the SN# when receiving an RMA back…

So I just went back and checked and both the Dev and Production environments are version “4.051”. Shouldn’t these versions behave identically?

Hey Regis,

I spoke with our engineers again, I wasn’t able to get a definitive answer on why the production and devel functioned differently in this circumstance. It’s possible that the devel was updated to the newest update without changing the number at the bottom, but rather unlikely. This is a unique instance as any other devel/production discrepancy I have encountered came down to config issues, and yours are visibly the same in both. We are only a week and change away from the release of the update for resident servers, if you encounter any other discrepancies please let me know, so I can try to narrow down what could be different/causing this.

I apologize for the unsatisfying answer, I am quite curious as to why this is occurring and have spent a good amount of time testing attempting to find a reason. I will let you know if we run into this anywhere else and find an explanation.


Cetec ERP Support

Today, Confirmed that in CETEC version 4.061, The Serial number of a returned RMA part received into inventory as it’s actual serial number, without a “dash-1” added to it. Thanks for the fix!