Delete a Vendor

In preparation for our upcoming ISO audit, we are trying to move some vendors to Inactive status by deleting them. For 32 vendors, we are getting the following error even though there does not appear to be anything Open for them.

***Error:*Vendor Not Deleted: Can’t Inactive Vendor with Open A/P Payments

I do have a complete list of the vendors we are looking to inactivate with links that I can provide. Your assistance would be appreciated,

Checking back on the above question…

I did do a search and found the same question in the forum in the past but it looked like it was possibly corrected by Cetec behind the scenes.

Can you tell us what a couple of the vendors that are experiencing this issue are, so we can look more closely?

Thank you

Here are the first five:

I’ve reviewed all of those Vendors, an all of them do have open AP Payments.

You can find them by going to the AP Payments list and searching by vendor with Status set to “Open”.

All of the one’s I saw appear to be zero dollar payments, which likely means they were created in error and were just never closed. But hadn’t been noticed until now because they aren’t having any ledger impact. Going into those payments and clicking close should clear them from that list, and allow you to inactivate those vendors.

Good luck!

I had clicked on the “All Open AP” and searched and nothing came up through that method, but I do see the open payments in the Payments List. Thank you!

I was able to take care of the entire list except one vendor. There is an old voucher for them from the prior person that says it is paid but it is not cleared as it should be: Cetec ERP

Is there a way for me to address this hanging voucher so that I can delete the vendor?

This answer from a previous thread should have the steps you need to mark that voucher as closed: VOUCHER SHOWS OPEN BUT PAID AND CHECK ISSUED - #6 by cetecerp13

Perfect, thank you!