Historical Part Demand


I’m trying to use the Historical Part Demand report to start updating our ROPs however I’m noticing with our internal parts, it appears to be doubling the usage.

As an example, I’m looking at this report,

It shows a 12 month use of 16 parts. However we currently build everything to the shelf and then pick the stock for the customer order. So we had an internal build for stock order for 8, then a stock order for 8 that shipped to the customer. To me that’s only a usage of 8pcs rather than 16. Am I misunderstanding that, or is there something we could have set up to be driving that report to show both instances as a usage?

@jthomas - it looks like our Qty Use values in that historical report were considering a finished good sold via a “BUILD” transaction as what constitutes as getting “consumed” from inventory.

That’s not quite right. We’re going to change the logic there to accommodate for those types of transactions.

This change should go it in version 3.8 (coming at the end of this week). After that, when you run this report, you should see that qty drop from 16 to 8.

Thanks for the heads up on this!