Inventory Valuation Reporting

Is there a standard Inventory Valuation report by Job Codes, by date? This would be very helpful for financial reporting to support closing month end reporting.


When you say job codes, what do you mean?

What we generally recommend as the go-to inventory report is the List by Bin report (Parts > Lists > List by Bin). There’s also the PRC list (Parts > Lists > PRC List), which reports inventory values by PRC code.

When I’m thinking about what you might be looking for with job codes, you could take a look at the WIP Material Report (Production > Orders > WIP Material Report). This report can be filtered by open work orders, open stock orders, etc., and includes extended cost.

Let us know if you need further help here.

Cetec ERP Support

I have submitted a PO to your sales team to have a custom report created referenced to this link:

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