Issue in Report Section of Accounting

We change the GL setting of accounts and introduce the new chart of accounts and merge the previous chart of accounts as a result the report section of the accounts is showing internal server error. Kindly remove this issue as early as possible.

@rana826 -

Your financial reports should be working now:

The reason behind this error was unrelated to the other G/L mappings issues you were experiencing on the other topic you submitted recently.

We had to adjust a ledger entry that had an invalid date (it was from year 2 CE… so, we moved that to 2002).

It was because of an improperly dated vendor invoice (voucher) - - with the same date problem, it was dated to year 2 CE. We fixed that as well.

To prevent that from happening again, you will need to set a GL Lock Date (even if it’s something like 2000-01-01). Normally people set GL Lock Dates at the end of each month though. To do so, search “lock” in Admin >> Config Settings.

Thank you!