Order Screen Customization

Is there any plans for Cetec to introduce Order Screen customization as a custom doc? As example I know the Check Edit module is fully customizable (see forum post - Check Template Customization)

Our issue is regarding the fact that the “Advanced” section of line items on orders looks very messy when an order is new or open; columns seem to not be as neat as when the order is closed, see screenshot below):

The left side shows a closed order brought back to the quote stage and everything is in two columns. The right side shows an order that was just created and the columns are very messy. How can we make it so the order advanced section in any stage looks like the left side?


I think the difference is that the order, when in quote stage, looks nicely organized like the left side picture but when the order is in the order stage then it looks like the right side. But, would like to know what plans Cetec has for this.


Thank you for reaching out to us with this suggestion! Currently there are no plans to make changes to the layout of bonus columns within the drop-down menu on the order screen. We appreciate you taking the time to layout this suggestion and we will submit it for future development consideration


Cetec ERP Support