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I have 252 items that are scheduled but when i go on the Production Planning Gantt chart it says unscheduled. Is there a reason why this is happening?

I just tried redoing 93.1 by clicking the reschedule button on the order.
Is this button for rescheduling backwards or forward ?


I’ll start looking into what’s driving those 252 line items to show as ‘unscheduled’ for you. I’ll also look into the functionality of that specific ‘Reschedule Lines’ button on whether it’s forwards or backwards. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with those updates.

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any update ?

Hello just a follow up that I spoke with the original support rep on this and they should be getting some information over to you shortly



Good Afternoon,

Apologies for the delay in response for this post I’ve been coordinating with the team to figure out what’s causing these line items to have their schedule locked. When I pulled up the planning gantt chart in your environment I noticed all of those unscheduled lines are locked & aren’t viable for rescheduling during that automatic process (this has to be done manually).

We’re still looking into what’s causing these lines to set themselves to ‘schedule locked? - yes’ in your environment, but I’ve listed out steps on how to unlock those lines, and reschedule them either backwards or forwards to clean that report up.

  1. First in your planning gantt chart report click into an order number hyperlink (under the Ord Num column).

  2. That’ll take you to the workorder view for the line item on that order. Once there click the ‘Schedule’ tab to pull up the scheduling tab for that workorder line item.

  3. You’ll then need to click ‘unlock’ to unlock the schedule for that line item, once you’ve unlocked it you can click reschedule backwards or forwards based on what your need is. That will automatically update the production schedule accordingly - and remove that line item from the ‘unscheduled order lines’ list meaning it’s been scheduled.

  4. After rescheduling that line item you can click ‘Update’ and lock the schedule back down for that specific line item. Since it’s been scheduled locking it down will keep that schedule in place and that item is no longer unscheduled.

I unlocked the 1st line item on order 36.1, rescheduled it forwards, and update/locked the order line schedule in a backup environment. Ran the planning gantt chart schedule filtered for Order 36.1 Line 1 and it pulled that line item through to the Gantt Chart as expected:

As far as the root cause of what’s causing these lines to be locked and unscheduled I’m still trying to get to the bottom of that issue. I’ve looped in our team and am currently running this up the ladder to get additional input/details around what could potentially be causing those to lock & be unscheduled.

Thank you for your patience!
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I believe we might’ve found what’s causing this issue with scheduling and those ordlines. If you go into your config settings page (Admin >> Config Settings >> Config Settings) you’ll need to search for 2 configs.

  • work_start_hour

  • work_end_hour

Those two configs are currently set to the same value (this is what’s causing this issue we believe). Those need to be separate values in your environment - once those are reset to the hour your work day starts & ends you should see that issue resolve. When those two config settings are set to the same value the system tries to reschedule items based on that & the system gets stuck because it’s trying to reschedule items between the same hour (work starts at 7am ends at 7am) causing it to loop and not schedule/reschedule.

If your work_start_hour begins at 7am leave that config value as 7, if your work_end_hour ends at 7pm please input a value of 19 into that field and let me know how that works for you.

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I just looked at the Gantt chart and 36.1 is not showing in the order or the production Gantt chart

Gantt chart used to look like this not sure why the chart isn’t showing the time broken down

7-19 is only 12 hours we operate 24hours


If you operate 24 hours per day it’s advised to set the work_start_hour to 1 and the work_end_hour to 23 (those are the min-max values available to put in those fields). Our team is trying to figure out a way to integrate a full 24 hour work start/end time in the system, but currently the min-max values for those fields are 1 and 23.

In regards to the Gantt chart not producing that visual queue like it used to I’ll get started checking into this though - does zooming into the Gantt Chart show those timing sections or is it still blank? The first picture you provided shows a breakdown of 6 months, where the second one is a 3 month breakdown (focusing on engineering time though). Did you also filter that Gantt Chart to produce engineering time?

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That screenshot with engineering time is from the UniversitERP I wanted to show you how it its supposed to look. Production gantt chart is not working at all it did for 2 months and all of sudden everything is locked.
Also how do we default everything not to lock in the Orderline because the line items locked schedule is checked and it wont automatically reschedule


@cetecerp21 @cetecerp26 Where you able to figure out why the schedule is locking automatically?
Also I realized that when a job is not worked on it doesn’t automatically reschedule it to the next day.



I provided a lengthy breakdown on why your lines are being locked/unlocked in this forum post here (also yours) - Orders - #5 by cetecerp21

I also provided insight on potential ways to alleviate this process in Cetec towards the bottom of the response.

Let me know if this breakdown provides the information you’re looking for - if not please let me know.
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