Recurring Email Alerts

Is it possible to send recurring email reminders to users? For example, we are wanting to automate machine maintenance reminders so that Cetec will send an email reminder every X months to the employee who is supposed to perform maintenance on the specific machine. From what I’ve seen I am only able to set a one time reminder. Can you please advise if that is the case?


Unfortunately in Cetec there isn’t a way to set reoccurring reminders. But if you set the reminder to be a calendar invite you can set the calendar invite to be reoccurring.

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Cetec ERP Support

It’s also worth noting here, it sounds like you’re specifically talking about tool maintenance.
We do have a way to automate those reminders based on the maintenance schedule you set for a tool.
You can see more about how to set up the scheduling here: How To Track Tools, Equipment Maintenance Schedules, and more

Let us know if you have any other questions about it!