Vendor Commissions, Resales Changed to $0

I had a problem with missing invoices when figuring vendor commissions on April 25th that was given a short term fix here: Vendor Commissions, Missing Invoices

Today I went to do the report for tomorrow’s payroll and found more missing invoices. I recalculated the resale using the fix provided in the above thread for the first missing invoice, but then decided to do an “Invoice Vendor Commissions” report for 2/20/24 to 5/15/24 to find any $0 commissions since that seemed to be what the last thread said was the issue.

I was shocked to find that approximately 1/3 of all of the total commission invoices are listed as $0 resale and therefore showing $0 commission. Some are invoices that were already paid with a commission voucher, some should have been paid in past payroll periods but were missed, some are due this week and some will be paid in the future.

Since you requested fresh examples, I am not changing anymore and am going to try to figure tomorrow’s commission for payroll manually but this is incredibly concerning and difficult.

I have decided to recalculate commission manually for each of the invoices in the list so that payroll can be done first thing tomorrow accurately. I will provide further information on this problem in the future as I would expect this will continue.

I reported this issue in April and was told 10-14 days for a fix. Still having the same issues. All mine are showing $0 also.

Hi Sherri,
We apologize for the ongoing issues with commissions.
I went into your environment and filtered the invoice vendor commissions list for the date range 2/20/24-5/15/24 and selected ‘all’ for all other filters. I’m only seeing 2 $0 value commissions on the list.
For invoice 26946.1 I found that on the quote for that invoice the ‘block commissions’ option was selected. This will prevent the commission from pulling any value from that line.
If you have other examples of commissions issues please send us the links and we can take a look and see if there’s still a bug.

I fixed our entire fiscal year’s worth, going back to 8/1/23, and am watching for new ones to pop up. It seems to be working now or minimal - but it is hard to know for sure as our sales rep is on Disability and can not receive commissions until he returns. I will let you know if I see further problems in the future. Thank you for looking into it!