Vendor Return General Question

Is there more indepth documentation available on Vendor Return than just the two videos:
and the one about the Debit Memo? Perhaps Im not thinking broad enough and not sure what to search for, or just dont understand the process well enough.
I found another post someone had about generating a Receiving PO from within Vendor Return (for when you are expecting the part back) and wondered if that had been implemented?
Im not sure how to word what im trying to accomplish - what do all the buttons and boxes do, how does that affect other departments. Im trying to avoid creating a fake part and walking it through the Vendor Return process so I can learn how the different features work. Does that make sense?

Hi @jburnell,

Yes, we have several additional resources available on our blog pertaining to Vendor Returns.

This training video demonstrates how to pair a debit memo with the vendor return (not sure if this is the second video you referenced?): How To Process a Vendor Return

A general overview is available here: Cloud Business Cases: Track Vendor Returns

I am not familiar with the post you mentioned. Do you have the URL for that post by any chance, or recall the title of the post? I’d like to review it to ensure we’re on the same page.

Thanks, ill look over that other link.


We've created a Vendor Return, but can't create a receiving PO